El Dorado Pool

El Dorado Pool

Scottsdale, Arizona

CRE prepared a set of electrical plans and specifications for the replacement of El Dorado Park Pool located in Scottsdale, Arizona.  The project consisted of a 5,000 square foot bathhouse, a 2,000 square foot equipment building, a 1,000 square foot concession and storage building, and a 1,500 square foot training/first aid building.

CRE performed the required utility coordination to upgrade the existing electrical service to 600 Amps, 480 Volt, three-phase.  The design included the deck lighting and exterior building lighting to meet the City of Scottsdale requirements.  Electrical and lighting system design was provided for the equipment building:  three phase electrical distribution for a motor control, electrical distribution for HVAC system, control wiring design for the pumping system, and miscellaneous convenience outlets.

As well as electrical and lighting design for all other buildings:  electrical distribution for HVAC equipment, an interior lighting system (moisture and vapor proof fixtures where required), a PA system design, a fire alarm system design, telephone system design, and other miscellaneous convenience outlets. Services included design and construction administration.

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