About Us

CR Engineers, Inc. (CRE) is a Consulting Electrical Engineering firm, founded in 1985, and located in Fountain Hills, Arizona. CRE is a woman-owned disadvantaged small business and an S Corporation. We maintain the following business certifications: DBE/SBE with the City of Phoenix, and DBE under the Arizona Unified Certification Program. We serve the electrical engineering needs of the aviation, federal and public works, commercial, and industrial markets, and excel at technically complicated and specialized projects such as the electrical design of aeronautical ground lighting (AGL) systems and photovoltaic power systems.

Power Distribution Design

CRE offers electrical design services for low voltage through 600 Volt single and three phase systems: UPS, standby and emergency generator design; medium voltage distribution design; inspections and renovations of existing systems to correct National Electric Code (NEC) violations; ground testing; and ARC Flash Analysis.

Lighting Design

CRE holds licenses to use LITE-PRO, Visual, AGI-32, and Genesys II programs. Our use of this software allows us to produce a lighting model that helps us optimize light distribution, conserve energy, and maintaining safe light levels in public areas. Combined with our other CAD software packages, we are prepared to perform any lighting design task to meet the projects needs. Representative lighting projects types include: sports lighting; street lighting for major and arterial roadways; pedestrian, parking lot, and garage lighting; interior and exterior building lighting meeting the latest adopted City Building Codes, LEED, and standards for emergency and egress lighting; theatrical lighting; and photometric testing.

Airfield Lighting and Control System Designs

CRE excels at technically complicated and specialized projects such as the electrical design of aeronautical ground lighting (AGL) systems, including runway, taxiway, signage, PAPI and REILs. We have substantial experience in this field of design as well as electrical design for additional airport facilities. Our team members can provide power distribution design and sizing for constant current regulators and other required vault equipment. We also have extensive experience in designing AGL control and monitoring systems as well as standby systems.

Special System Designs

CRE has the expertise to provide the following special system designs; fire alarm systems, security systems including CCTV, card access systems, laser and motion detection, and motorized gates; and telecommunications using fiber optic technology.

Electric Vehicle Charger System Design

CRE has the expertise to provide complete electric vehicle charging designs from sizing of modules to engineering the connectivity to the conventional electrical panel. All of our electrical and green designs meet the requirements of the National Electrical Code, Electrical Utility Standards, and specific City code standards. We also can provide our clients with a cost-benefit analysis that includes all current and state rebates, options, power output, and related construction costs for each green option provided. This allows maximum flexibility in creatively meeting the client’s needs.

Construction Administration Services

CRE can also provide full electrical construction management and inspection services. We have a highly trained staff of electrical inspectors to provide numerous services during construction. Our extensive experience and knowledge of National Electrical Code, IBC, and multiple Arizona city code requirements enable us to fulfill all project needs. Services include: load and meter testing and diagnostics; submittal review; and site observations.